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SimplyFinalExpense FB                              Facebook leads are a New Way to get in front of leads.

Here is our lead program details
Below that will be the appointment setting details.
It's a lot of info any questions please email or call and we will answer



We hope to interest you in our new Facebook Campaigns Please check out the
website and see how we are connecting people with agents like yourself. If
interested please, Let us know and we will send the invoice, also included
will be an email, i send from, for
you to approve. This will include your personal P.S.
Can't wait to get you started.

We are offering a new Monthly program that will allow your personalized ad
to run 24/7 in your area for 30 days. AND EVERY LEAD GENERATED IS YOURS.

Basic program
Ad runs 30 days 24/7 Averages 2+ leads per day. Hot Leads are sent when a
lead fills out ad form and website form. These leads are only charged once.
60 leads guaranteed.
Basic Program cost $1200.00

Premium Program
2 ads run 30 days 24/7 averages 4+ leads per day. Hot Leads are sent when a
lead fills out ad form and website form. These leads are only charged once.
120 leads guaranteed
Premium Program cost $2200.00

These are all leads who have searched for life insurance, final expense or
burial insurance, whole life or term life. Ads all state that this is LOW
COST FINAL EXPENSE AND BURIAL INSURANCE. Leads will receive your contact
info twice, and are notified that you or someone from your office will be
contacting them for a home visit to go over what they qualify for. Complete
list of leads will be sent daily during the work week, with weekend leads being
sent on Mondays. (WORKING ON AUTOMATION) All leads will be emailed just
like normal with your personalized email and P.S.

Replacement leads will be provided when both the phone number and address
is incorrect.
And when a lead is to young (under 50) or to old (over 85). Leads inside of
a 50 mile radius of your target area are valid leads, anything over 50
miles will be replaced.

Leads can still be purchased by the lead with a minimum order of 20
Under 49 leads $23.00 a piece
Over 50 leads $21.00 a piece



Terms of service Disclosure:

Simplyfinalexpense, LLC (including MondayMorningMichelles, LLC) does not estimate or guarantee specific sales volume resulting from the use of leads. Results will vary based upon such things as area code(s) and/or counties selected by the agent, the true interest of the agent requesting information and the agent’s ability to sell. Simplyfinalexpense, LLC (including MondayMorningMichelles, LLC) does not guarantee that all leads will originate in the Target Area. This list is not exhaustive and, therefore, all purchases of Facebook and Tm Leads are final and without refund. Leads outside the Target Area within reasonable driving distance are not replaceable. We replace leads that are under 45 and over 85 years of age. All leads are exclusive and will not be shared with another agent. You may be asked to move Target Area if we have an access of agents in on given Target Area.

Your purchase VALIDATES this agreement.

Lead Replacement policy:

Leads under 45 and older than 85 years of age.

Leads that do not speak English. (Please advise us if you speak Spanish, we have Spanish Speaking telemarketers waiting)

Duplicate orders within 30 days.

All lead replacement requests must be made within 3 days / 72 hours of receipt.

No Exceptions On the 3 day / 72-hour policy.