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FE/MP/Med Sup Appt Setting

We set appointments for Final Expense - Mortgage Protection and Medicare Sup leads.

You provide a MINIMUM of 20 FRESH leads per week to be called and set.

Provide times/days available Tuesday through Saturday - WE NO LONGER SET FOR MONDAY APPOINTMENTS.

All appointments that are set are charged at $18.00 per set appointment - All appointments come with Recording of call for your reference.

You will receive an e-mail the night prior to your days appointments to plan your route and prepare - but since we call up til 9pm in your time zone - Schedules can be viewed with the shared link for your account or received by 10 pm in your time zone.

This is a weekly charge is Non-refundable - Non- Negotiable. Cancellations must be done two days prior to billing - if you choose to cancel - send email to and we will cancel immediately. Remember to do this TWO DAYS in advance prior to billing. 

You will be charged a weekly Minimum fee of $100.00 for calling efforts.

If your bill is over $100.00 then you will receive a Paypal invoice for the difference -

If your bill is NOT over $100.00 then you will still be charged the $100 for calling efforts that week.


$100.00 Weekly Min Payment