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Appointment Setting Services

Sometimes the Lead will ask what the Agent looks like that is coming to your house - So if you just jot down a description of yourself - that would be great. 

Here is how our process works - Please review it and let me know if you have any questions 

 The agent will  provide us with days/times they run. Example: Tuesday 9AM-7PM with a hour in between appointments, That tells us you want 9, 10, 11,12,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or 1.5 hours in between if more rural areas and so on. At the end of each night we send you a copy of the schedule and of course you can always look into the shared excel sheet as well and see them throughout the day. But we send at the end of the day a report to you that shows your schedule.


You will have access to schedule and leads page shared on our google drive - You will get a schedule emailed to you nightly of your next business day appointments. 

 LEADS: If you send leads in PDF then we have to hand type them into the google drive and their will be a $25 Charge per week, If you choose to hand type them into an excel sheet and send them over - there is no charge for Set up. 

 charge 25.00 for a Local number fee  every 3 months (this will be billed with your initial set up invoice)

one time - $200.00 Deposit on new agents - The deposit will be used for your last week with us if you choose to leave - WE DO NOT REFUND DEPOSITS. We will set appts for your last week - If its Over $200.00 then we will bill for the difference - If its not the $200 will be used for Calling efforts for that week.


Pricing is as follows:

At the end of the week, we will invoice you for ALL appointments scheduled - If you did not see one because they no showed - Please send an email so that it can be RESET for you. 


Required: you are required to send at least 25 Fresh leads per week.


Final Expense = $18.00 an appointment set...

Mortgage Protection = $ 20.00 an appointment set...with NO qualifying questions

Mortgage Protection = 25.00 Per booked appt with qualifying questions on health history, NO BANK INFO QUESTIONS. 


Each appointment will have a copy of the recording of the Conversation. If they No show we will try to reset them for you, but you are charged for each appoitnment.