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Annuity Preset Appt Program

Welcome to the Annuity Preset Appt Program.

Our Annuity Preset Program is through Stephen Burgess and David Duford - Once you discuss with them how the program works - Then we will be happy to set

Go to and select the "Join David's Agency" option at the top of the page to learn more about how the program works.

Once you do, then you can set up a consultation with David to discuss the process moving forward.

You will be charged every week on the same day automatically. Weekly charge is Non Refundable - Non Negotiable . We will run up to one to two hours per day (depending on option 1. With 6-9 appointment or option 2 for 12-15 appointments) in an area of your choice to set these appointments for you - The results will vary by day / area.  If you are Unhappy with the results - you can e-mail and services will be stopped.  Once your availability is set for the week - any changes will need to be emailed to and price remains the same regardless if you need to block our times/days.

This is a weekly charge is Non-refundable - Non- Negotiable. Cancellations must be done two days prior to billing - if you choose to cancel - send email to and we will cancel immediately. Remember to do this TWO DAYS in advance prior to billing.

First option is the Full week of 12-15 Appts per week for $300.00

Second Option is Half week of 6-9 Appts per week for $200.00

Annuity Weekly Payment
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Annuity Preset Appt Service

If you have signed up with Stephen Burgess or David Duford for Preset Annuity Appointments - Pay your weekly Fee Here.