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Annuity Preset Appt Program

Welcome to the Annuity Preset Appt Program.

You will be charged every week on the same day automatically. Weekly charge is Non Refundable - Non Negotiable . We will run up to one to two hours per day (depending on option 1. With 6-9 appointment or option 2 for 12-15 appointments) in an area of your choice to set these appointments for you - The results will vary by day / area.  If you are Unhappy with the results - you can e-mail and services will be stopped.  Once your availability is set for the week - any changes will need to be emailed to and price remains the same regardless if you need to block our times/days.

This is a weekly charge is Non-refundable - Non- Negotiable. Cancellations must be done two days prior to billing - if you choose to cancel - send email to and we will cancel immediately. Remember to do this TWO DAYS in advance prior to billing.

First option is the Full week of 12-15 Appts per week for $300.00

Second Option is Half week of 6-9 Appts per week for $200.00

Annuity Weekly Payment
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Annuity Preset Appt Service

If you have signed up with Stephen Burgess or David Duford for Preset Annuity Appointments - Pay your weekly Fee Here.